Montessori Homeschooling Infant Bundle

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Multisori's Infant Bundle is focused on enriching infant development in the following areas: sensory, cognitive, language, motor, social, emotional, and practice life. Babies as young as 0-3 months can participate in activities which nurture the natural course of human development, encourage exploration through the senses, and foster a sense of self.

By providing simple, uncomplicated instructions and activities, Multisori's Infant Bundle is designed to set the stage for happiness and success in the 2-9 curriculum categories. Because this time is a critical stage for bonding with parents and other caretakers, Multisori's Infant Bundle also provides joyful activities to nurture these bonds. If you have a two year old that is showing signs of readiness for advancement in education, both M3 Practical Life and Mathematics curriculum provide introductory activities appropriate for your child. 

Like all Multisori products, the Infant Bundle is self-contained, meaning that you do not need to purchase additional products to use the bundle successfully. Ideas for a handful of especially useful and affordable product purchases are made where appropriate, and DIY options abound. With Multisori's Infant Bundle, you can give your infant a head start and set the stage for a lifetime of success.