Parent Testimonials

With homeschool experience of over 27 years, I have seen a plethora of curriculum and ideas. It can be an exhausting, overwhelming and needlessly complex search. Miraculously, M3 Reading has changed the course of my family's educational journey. My children (6, 5, and 2) are filled by the engaging, refreshingly thoughtful approach to learning that M3 brings. You know it's amazing when they run to you begging for school! I highly recommend M3 to everyone I know. You will never regret investing in your kids through this beautifully designed program! 

Lisa Morgan

Multisori is a game changer! The program gives me confidence to teach my daughter English, our second language. Its easy and fuss free flow have my daughter speaking more English than Afrikaans, because Multisori makes it so fun to learn. Thank you for providing us with excellence.

Richelle Vorster

Multisori is affordable, easy to understand, and my son enjoys it. It only takes a few minutes each day, so we can easily do more or less depending on what’s going on while still making progress. I also love how it incorporates what he has already learned in a logical sequence without being boring or repetitive.

Amanda Brummett

I enjoy the simple yet effective approach Multisori brings to reading. I love that it leans towards the traditional Montessori reading approach that I want to use with my emerging reader. My reward is seeing my child’s confident smile as he is able to read and progress through the levels.

Gabrielle Matusevich

As a pediatric occupational therapist and a mom of 2 little ones, I am highly impressed with the format, structure and the comprehensiveness of the content in the M3 Multisori program. Due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty of in person learning coupled with both myself and my children being in the high risk category, I was overwhelmed to say the least when their doctors told me to begin researching homeschooling programs. When Mandi released the samples of the curriculum, I fell in love with it. Even though I had already invested in other curriculum options, I purchased the entire M3 by Multisori curriculum as it was exceedingly better and more comprehensive than what I had researched and purchased previously.

In critically analyzing the curriculum, it is well designed, easily digestible and engaging for young children. It allows the child the perfect balance between providing the child structured educational options along with the freedom and flexibility to choose within different units. It is user friendly with specific instructions for parents. My children are loving learning with the M3 Multisori program as it's interactive and engaging. I'm loving using it with them because it makes my life so easy. Happy kids = happy mom. Kid tested, OT mom approved

Tonya Tasso, M.S., OTR/L, HTW Level I Certified Handwriting Specialist

This year we decided to homeschool our boys, they’re four and five. And I was looking for a Montessori approach to homeschooling and I found it in Multisori. It has been a great experience. It has been really easy to get them organized, get them started. The materials are all just print and laminate, whatever you need it’s there; you just follow the instructions and get going, very easy, simple-to-follow instructions. We are very happy with the program!

Romina Arbildi

I absolutely love Multisori! I have always been drawn to Montessori, but unfortunately have been forced in other directions due to three kids and a limited budget. I scoured the internet for months and luckily found it just as it was launching. Multisori allows so much freedom and flexibility. I have three kids, five and under, and I am so thrilled to have found something that will not only work for all of them, but also grow with them.

This curriculum, in typical Montessori fashion, allows me to meet my kids where they are and follow their lead. Multisori does NOT require any expensive Montessori manipulatives. Instead, there are creative, outside-of-the-box ways to incorporate the same concept with printables or things you can find around your house. My kids have loved all the lessons we have done so far. I love watching them, not only have fun during the lesson, but actually retain the information and apply it in real life.

As a tired mama, I especially love that the instructions to teach the lessons are concise and easy to digest. I can usually have the day's lesson prepped and ready in almost as much time as it takes to brew my coffee. Lastly, the facebook community is such a wonderful resource! There are copious amounts of files to help in any way. If you can't find the answer there, the community can answer any questions and also show you how they chose to make the lessons work best for their kids.

If you're on the fence in purchasing this curriculum - check out the huge sample that allows you to see the scopes and sequences, as well as how each subject works. I'm so thankful for Multisori!

Jade Morgan

At the beginning of the pandemic, when I had to take my son out of pre-k, I searched high and low for everything he would need to get through kindergarten at home. I kind of panicked and over bought. I soon realized I needed to take a step back and really think about what our learning goals would be. I loved the idea of Montessori because my 5 year old loves hands on learning.

That’s when I found the Montessori Inspired Homeschooling group - which is amazing! Mandi, the creator, was in the process of creating an entire curriculum, yet still running her Facebook group and very responsive to all questions comments and concerns. She released beautiful samples of the curriculum that I began using right away. We started with the reading portion and I was amazed at how quickly my son engaged and learned.

We then tried out the math and geography samples and we were hooked. My prayers were literally answered! I had nothing to stress about, everything we needed and wanted was in the M3 curriculum. My son is making amazing progress and if I try to do anything else other than M3, he refuses and shuts down. I can go on for days about the curriculum and how awesome Mandi is. Check out the free samples and her Facebook group and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Canikah Lockett


Changed my life. Adopted children of unknown origin with developmental special needs galore. This is the first time my son especially has enjoyed learning and been engaged. Truly a prayer answered.

Thandi Refilwe-Rose Nkomo

M3 is beyond amazing!! I was so overwhelmed when looking for Montessori curriculums and decided to not go that route anymore until I decided to give M3 a try. Let me tell you this curriculum exceeded my expectations!! It’s beautiful and so simple to follow. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to homeschool. Thank you so much Mandi for this amazing curriculum.

Leyda Soto

Couldn’t have wished for a better Montessori inspired curriculum! It is so well done, it saves me SO MUCH TIME and the kids love it (3 & 4).

I will use this for all my children and glad it’s made to fit up to the age of 6. Also, the fb group is an amazing bonus since you get to join a community of other homeschooling parents who want a Montessori inspired lifestyle & homeschooling style!

Briana Carrion

Clear, beautiful and easy to use resources. Multisori is more than a curriculum, its also a community and a network. Multisori homeschooling connects many families together. Not to mention the updates, talks and freebies. Recommend!

Amy Aristodemou

We have been using this program with both kids ages 3 and 5 and we love it! Is very easy to follow and it takes you step by step with the instructions and ideas on how to present the material. Both of my kids have learn so much with the Multissori Curriculum. I also like how they give back to the community, so children could have equal opportunities to a Montessori inspired education!

Gabriela Xu

My kids have enjoyed the material so much. The instructions were easy to follow and put together. I highly recommend it.

Anai Lopez

Multisori has been amazing for homeschooling! Lesson instructions with printables. Really is an all in one albums + materials. Multisori has made it easy to apply Montessori education at home.

Michelle Watkins