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Complete and easy to follow lessons. Multisori offers fun and engaging activities while keeping true to the principles of Montessori.

Geezel Torres 

Multisori has been a great source of fun educational material that my kids and myself enjoy! I will continue to buy from here. 
This curriculum is everything I had been looking for, for years! I love the Montessori approach, but am not formally trained in Montessori. That is not an issue with this curriculum, it is VERY user friendly- especially for beginners! The plans are detailed and walk you step by step through instructions for preparation. It is also comprehensive, so you can use it from the very beginning of your educational journey with your littles, or pick up where you need to. It is flexible that you can use multiple “subjects” simultaneously, or stick to one at a time. The support I have also received from the creator, Mandi, when I had questions is unmatched! I am able to connect directly with her for a quick response and follow up! In addition to this, the quality of the content, images, and materials is amazing! Well over a thousand pages of content and curriculum, all organized and simplified to not overwhelm the user. I cannot say enough about the value I continue to get for the one time payment (as opposed to subscription services). I HIGHLY recommend making the choice and committing to this curriculum- you won’t regret it!

The best of the best when it comes to information/products/resources for anything Montessori!! Look no further!!

Kari Thorpe 

Amazing program that uses both Montessori and homeschooling! You won’t need any extra tools that aren’t provided on your online curriculum.

Cami Richey

Wonderful company with great resources. 

Rachel Taylor

Recently saw my good friend post Multisori and spoke highly about the content. I looked for myself, and I was genuinely amazed by the shared information. I am always excited to come across amazing homeschool resources because it genuinely helps me with my journey since I am new to this.

Bre'Anna Smith 

We are a Mexican bilingual homeschooling family and their resources have helped us gain literacy skills in English as well.

Bordos Buapos

Multisori is a wonderful, all you need, Montessori aligned homeschool curriculum. Printable versions of well known Montessori materials makes the Montessori method more accessable and affordable.Great hands-on, fun-filled lessons at a great price.

Elwica Kok

They are so incredibly informative and creative! So happy that I found them!

Ki' Archie 

This is an AMAZING hands-on Montessori curriculum! My child is fully engaged in the activities and the best part is you don't even need to own any hands-on materials, they have printables to make it accessible for all budgets.

Jillian Curtis


Definitely made being a homeschool parent so much easier!

Yatzeni Avila

I love the idea of, child-led, hands-on, fun learning. That's exactly what Multisori is. The public school system is created in a way that doesn't focus on how children learn individually. Not all kids (and adults) learn in the same way. There's so many subjects that kids aren't interested in that are required in public school. This way of teaching allows you to teach through fun, and involve your child in the decisions of what they learn & how, making their education far more successful and setting them up better for their future.

Melinda Jones

We have been following for over a year and love the content and creativeness that goes into the program. I follow other programs and it's night and day to this one.

Jillian Schoenherr

Resources are greatly organized. Excellent choice for those who can't get all the wooden materials for the lessons.

Roberta Nehmer

Multisori has a very practical and useful curriculum and the materials look very good and are ready to use. A must have for Montessori education. 

Ronald Lommers

Such a beautiful way to grow my kiddos little minds!!

Krista-Lynn Epperley 

Offers easy to follow guides and comprehensive lessons on different subjects! Highly recommended!

Jovis San Diego

Love this curriculum! Our kids enjoy learning about each new lesson and actually have fun with it. It doesn’t feel like school!

Stephanie Wu

This curriculum simplified our homecoming journey. It is so easy to use, I just grab my preprinted binder and get going for the day. Our little ones really enjoy it.

Sra. Nieves R.

Highly recommend Multisori curriculums. Well detailed not at all overwhelming & easy to navigate & get hold of any extra resources

Gen Derbyshire

M3 by Multisori Montessori Inspired Learning is such a blessing! It's easy to use for a first-time homeschooler momma like me. The Montessori Homeschool Curriculum is straightforward. It's simple to follow and customize according to your child's level and interests. It truly takes the guess-work out of the way! Thank you so much for making this available!

Levi L. 

I recently downloaded the sample curriculum which gave me a great insight into the Multisori program. I look forward to diving in to the language arts curriculum in particular this coming fall. It makes applying Montessori philosophies in your own home focused and easy.
It makes homeschooling so much easier.
Wonderful, high-quality supplemental resources for Montessori materials. Highly recommend! I appreciate your compilation of rich resources and curriculum and your willingness to share them for the benefit of young learners.
I have been homeschooling for several years and was looking for a curriculum that would be fun and not rigid. Multisori seems to be just the right fit! Excited about this curriculum.
I highly recommend this website! It has wonderful insight into Montessori and great resources.

The best curriculum! It's so easy to prep and go. My kids love it

Mehtaab Ismail

Just discovering this awesome site. Totally in love. This will definitely be my new go to.

Very well organized and age appropriate curriculum.

Kylie Pasteka

Great products, I'm appreciative for the amazing quality resources! Thank you!

Maureen Rauch

Multisori: A wonderful and easy to use curriculum. My child loves it!

Sonia Cuevas 

Very thorough with clear instructions, beautiful images, and obvious sequence.

Andrea Reyes 

The curriculum is amazing! It has helped me in homeschooling my children using the montessori method.

Robin Eckstein

It was so nice to purchase beautiful resources that the children were able to connect with and use.

Jennifer Byers

Multisori curriculum is user friendly, easy to do and understand! I'm grateful to have this kind of material. Organized and fun! Thank you!

Pearl Cacatian

Very well put together homeschool material! I love this program!

Jennifer Watts 

Multisori curriculum has everything needed for doing Montessori at home. There are printables and instructions which make it very easy to do. And their language section is very extensive.

Richa Sharma  

All I can say is WOW just WOW, what an amazing curriculum that I am so grateful came into the hands and hearts of our family. It has certainly provided guidance for us all. Thank you Multisori!


Erica Green


We have purchased the phonics program of the language arts curriculum as well as the mathematics curriculum. I appreciate the structure and sequence provided by the curriculum as well as the beautiful colors and images used. I especially like that I can purchase curriculum in smaller units depending on what I am looking for at that time. I also appreciate how updates to curriculum are emailed to me.


Diana Freitas 


Perfect material for solar system unit study for my space obsessed kid. Very helpful to teach my kid what he wants. The unit study comes with the instructions on how to use it for teaching, what materials to use for the unit study, and different aspects of solar system and also guide to other resources. A perfect material for a homeschooling mom. I recommend this to everyone who wants to homeschool.


Alla Indira 




I have the science curriculum. It is very nicely laid out for homeschoolers. If you want the Montessori experience without breaking the bank this is for you!


Cathy D.


Amazing curriculum! I love the way that everything is explained so simple for the young children. Definitely my fav source for Montessori easy to follow lessons!


Rumyana Nikolova 


We have absolutely enjoyed out Multisori curriculum. So much detail and thought and with such great illustrations have all been provided for you and such a easy cirriculum to implement on the home. The children look forward to it daily ! Can’t recommend it enough.


Megan Carter


Amazing science curriculum for my 4 year old. The instructions are clear and well explained with a lot of visuals. It‘s surprising how much is covered in the lessons and how many hands-on-activities are suggested.


Joan R.


Just got my hands on this curriculum, and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It is jam packed with everything I need to get my 2.5 year old started with Montessori homeschool. I’m especially excited for the reading/phonics program!


Brandi Odgers 



Great curriculum, so easy to follow and everything is there ready to go. I adapted a few bits with physical examples instead of cut outs but you really don't need to do that, my son just likes a tactile learning experience.


Megan McDonald


My prek/kinder son is so excited to use Multisori this summer and next year. The program is so beautiful and so much care has gone into the production of a beautiful guide for parents interested in Montessori learning at home.


Lauren Johnson


I have been using the Multisori Reading Curriculum for almost a year now and it's very straightforward, no extra prep, just laminating and cutting. I like that it's super simple and easy to present to the child. I just got the science curriculum, looking forward to working on that.


Mufleha Ahmad 


Super recommended Complete curriculum.


Susana Ferreira  


Great materials for Homeschooling! Montessori aligned and easy to implement and work with children. I am using the Science curriculum and my son loves it! The minibooks that come along with the material are great to introduce the matters we study. Amazing idea!


Carolina Bossert  


The Multisori curriculum is awesome! We’ve been using it for 5 months now, and my daughter looks forward to school every day. I love that it follows Montessori principles but allows space for other educational approaches. I also love that prep time is minimal and that supply lists are provided. Customer service is excellent, and the Facebook group is also helpful. Thank you for making Montessori accessible to so many families and for providing such a high quality product!


Amber Lovendale 


Multisori is a game changer! The program gives me confidence to teach my daughter English, our second language. Its easy and fuss free flow have my daughter speaking more English than Afrikaans, because Multisori makes it so fun to learn. Thank you for providing us with excellence.


Richelle Vorster




I've purchased our first Multisori curriculum just after my little girl turned 3 and I am still using the lessons daily. I love that the lessons are set out in a way that is easy to comprehend and present with still allowing the scope for meeting individual needs. Multisori is a complete curriculum which means that apart from unit studies based on my child's interests, I don't need to look anywhere else to fulfill her language, mathematics, geography, sensory and practical life exposure. It is beautifully designed!


Cherise Singh 


Couldn’t have wished for a better Montessori inspired curriculum! It is so well done, it saves me SO MUCH TIME and the kids love it (3 & 4). I will use this for all my children and glad it’s made to fit up to the age of 6. Also, the fb group is an amazing bonus since you get to join a community of other homeschooling parents who want a Montessori inspired lifestyle & homeschooling style!


Briana Carrion


Clear, beautiful and easy to use resources. Multisori is more than a curriculum, its also a community and a network. Multisori homeschooling connects many families together. Not to mention the updates, talks and freebies. Recommend!


Amy Aristodemou




We have been using this program with both kids ages 3 and 5 and we love it! Is very easy to follow and it takes you step by step with the instructions and ideas on how to present the material. Both of my kids have learn so much with the Multissori Curriculum. I also like how they give back to the community, so children could have equal opportunities to a Montessori inspired education!


Gabriela Xu


Multisori has been amazing for homeschooling! Lesson instructions with printables. Really is an all in one albums + materials. Multisori has made it easy to apply Montessori education at home.


Michelle Watkins


 Awesome. Simple to follow and implement! 


Robyn Hood


A fabulous curriculum with everything you need. Great for the early years!


Sarah Lehtinen

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