About Multisori

We built on the strengths of Montessori, staying true to its' pedagogy while adapting it to fit the needs of homeschoolers

A note from the founder

My name is Mandi Zielinski, and like you, I’m a Montessori homeschooler!

But, a few years ago, I was anything BUT a Montessori homeschooler. Back then, I was a new mom of two under two. And, I was just tired.

But, in those rare moments of lucidity, I was in awe of my two amazing kids. I remember the enormity of feeling like I held their educational fate in my hands.

I know the exhaustion and overwhelm of developing an authentic Montessori homeschool that won't break the bank, your back or your mind.

I remember the frustration of being unable to find what I needed. I thought to myself, "Is it too much to ask?"

I just wanted a fun and easy Montessori curriculum!

Wasn't there someone somewhere that would do the research for me, spare me the lecture, make it easy, and not charge me $10,000 for it?!

Enter Multisori.

MULTIdimensional and authentically MontesSORI, I now provide homeschoolers with the resources I wish I'd had back then.

I read the books and studies. All of them. (Shout out to law school for turning me into a speed reader!)

I learned the scope and sequence inside and out.

I internalized Montessori values.

Then, I paired them with the homeschooling values you and I share.

From freedom, to child-led learning, to kinesthetic, hands-on activities to ease of use, to portability and multi-age learning, MULTISORI TRULY HAS IT ALL

And, I'm not just saying that. I BET MY KIDS' OWN EDUCATION ON IT.

They thrived so much that I knew I couldn't keep it to myself. I now provide parents just like you the resources, products, and community needed to make Montessori homeschooling easy and fun!

I stand behind this program. There is nothing else like it on the market. And, I know it's the answer to your Montessori homeschooling dreams.

My approach to education is simple and effective. I use a blend of strategies and tools to help you create optimized learning environments that really work - all while staying true to the traditional Montessori scope and sequence and Montessori philosophy.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for wanting the best for your children. And, thank you for choosing to read this through bloodshot eyes and hormonal tears, even though all you really want is rest.



We are exclusive in our commitment to Montessori homeschoolers, and our standards are high. Our curriculum is:

✅ Authentically Montessori, following the traditional Montessori scope and sequence while allowing you to easily prepare an attractive and effective learning environment in your home,

✅ Designed for parents to use a learn-as-you-go approach, so you don't need any training to use our Montessori curriculum, and

✅ Supported by a private community of over 12,000 Montessori homeschoolers, so you are never alone.


We are loved, supported and endorsed by both:

Certified Montessori guides, and

Homeschooling parents


Multisori is mission-driven. We give back using a buy one, give one model:

✅ When you buy a Multisori product, we give one away to a homeschooling family in need.

If you need financial help bringing Montessori homeschooling curriculum home, check out our scholarships page to learn more and apply.


Designed for pARENTS

Homeschoolers face unique challenges that rarely mimic those of a classroom, so our products are designed with that in mind. Our Montessori curriculum is crafted especially for parents. It does not assume that you have specific classroom materials. It is visually engaging and works for multiple ages. Most importantly, the curriculum is streamlined to save time and be fun!

Montessori Aligned

Our Montessori curriculum nurtures a child-centered educational approach, makes it easy to prepare a thoughtful and attractive learning environment, and focuses on development of the whole child: physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Our core subject areas - Art, Geography, Mathematics, Practical Life, Science, and Sensorial - follow the traditional Montessori Scope and Sequence. And, just like Montessori in the classroom, M3 by Multisori is designed to feel like play.

Ongoing Support

With Multisori, you are never alone. Need a friend to talk to who understands your Montessori homeschooling journey? Want to celebrate a homeschooling win with parents who share your passion for Montessori? Our curriculum's creator is never further than an e-mail or PM away. And, our private Facebook group provides a supportive tribe of like-minded homeschoolers from all over the world. So, help is always just a click away.

Our History

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