The Multisori Difference

M3 Curriculum is truly unique in its approach to Montessori homeschooling. It is Montessori aligned with a child-centered approach to learning, designed for homeschooling parents who choose to teach their child(ren) from home or in a pod, and offers ongoing support from parents around the world. So, help is always just a click away.

The M3 Mission: Making Montessori Mainstream

We believe that every child has the right to high quality, customized education. That's why our mission is to eradicate the achievement gap in education by Making Montessori Mainstream (M3).

In a world of privilege & pandemic, Christ has called me to eradicate the growing achievement gap in education between children from high & low income families. It's also why your purchase is important: when you buy an M3 product, we give one away to a homeschooling family in need.

The research is clear:

  1. Montessori preschool elevates & equalizes child outcomes.
  2. Montessori education could reduce the advantage gap between rich and poor, but it's only available to the rich. 

Our History

Mandi Zielinski

Hi, I'm Mandi Zielinski, the founder of Multisori & M3 curriculum. I wear a lot of hats, but my favorite is being a homeschooling mom. I educate my two children using a bilingual, Montessori inspired approach.

I'm an advocate of the Montessori approach to learning and teaching, but as a busy homeschooling mother, I found many difficulties in using this methodology outside of the classroom. As I worked through and found solutions to these issues, it became clear that other parents were struggling with the same issues. Thus, Multisori was born.

Multisori combines the best of Montessori learning and teaching techniques along with curriculum specifically designed for non-traditional, out-of-the-classroom learning environments. Combined with a thriving community of like-minded parents for support, encouragement and strategic advice, Multisori is quickly becoming the fastest-growing at-home Montessori program available.

We have built upon the strengths of Montessori learning by offering parents resources, products, and community to help them through the journey of educating their children at home. The result is a product that we believe in and stand behind.


Learning is just a click away.

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