Montessori Homeschooling Mathematics Curriculum

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  • Four Years of Curriculum
  • Montessori Scope & Sequence
  • Simple Presentation Instructions
  • Printable Manipulatives Included
  • Easy Record Keeping
  • Ongoing Support

The Mathematics area of the primary Montessori classroom is perhaps the most iconic - and most imitated - subject area of Montessori education. And for good reason. Montessori math materials are beautiful and instill a deep understanding of mathematics through a multi-sensory approach. The beauty and sheer size of the math manipulatives can make Montessori at home feel unachievable. But, we promise you - it can be done! And, it can be done joyfully.

Our Montessori primary math curriculum is self-contained, so you don't need any special products to use it. Ideas for a handful of useful and affordable products are made where appropriate, and DIY options abound. With Multisori's Montessori primary math materials, you’ll always have concrete, physically manipulable materials on hand to make math enjoyable, affordable and understandable for all.

One hallmark of the Montessori environment is beauty, and Multisori’s primary Math curriculum is no exception. Our visually appealing materials create an attractive Montessori environment that will ignite a desire to learn within your child.

Young children thrive with hands-on, movement-based learning that stimulates all of the senses. That's just one reason why Multisori's Montessori primary homeschooling curriculum allows you to quit the overwhelm, embark on a joyful journey with Montessori at home, easily create a Montessori way of learning and set the stage for a lifetime of success.

M3 by Multisori's Mathematics curriculum is delivered to you via e-mail as a PDF file and must be printed before use.

What Your Child Will Study: Montessori Primary Math

The progression of M3 by Multisori's primary math curriculum begins with the basics as early as age 2. At this early age, young children begin with foundational mathematical concepts such as more or less than and counting as high as 10. By the age of 6, children thoroughly understand complex mathematical ideas such as place value, addition, subtraction, telling time and symmetry.

How Montessori Math Compares To Public School Standards

Montessori math materials teach through hands-on methods to help children learn at their own pace. While public schools push rigid concepts and steps every child must follow in the exact order and at the same pace the schools outline, Montessori math - like other Montessori subjects - is about self-directed, self-paced and multi-sensory learning. It fosters a love of learning and marks advancement based on the development of a child as a whole.

Montessori students universally perform above grade level in Mathematics. Perhaps this is because children learn using attractive materials that invite repetition and investigation.

In the primary classroom, traditional Montessori materials require a significant amount of space. Using M3 by Multisori will make it easier to Montessori homeschool your primary-aged child in a smaller space.

Montessori bead cabinet used to help children learn Montessori method as it applies to Math, text overlay quotes Maria Montessori as saying “Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order, and intelligence.”

Continued Learning In Math With The Montessori Method

Montessori math starts simply when children are young. After they work with the concrete, sensorial materials such as sandpaper numbers and number rods, they then move into more abstract concepts.

The sensitive period for numbers occurs between ages 4 and 5 ½. So, a Montessori homeschool curriculum that provides solid foundational mathematical concepts as part of the primary class is essential.

Nevertheless, these math materials often stay with a child as they grow. Bead chains, for example, can be used well through elementary ages, as children progress from basic math facts and linear counting to memorizing multiplication facts and moving into squaring and cubing.

Materials and Activities

With Multisori, lesson preparation is done for you. Where appropriate, Multisori’s presentation instructions even include a script for the in-home guide.

Like all M3 products, our Montessori homeschool math curriculum includes: 

  • Supply list
  • Instructions for preparing the learning environment
  • Hyperlinked math curriculum rubric (simplified scope & sequence)
  • Straight forward assessment rubric for record keeping
  • Easy to understand presentation instructions for each activity
  • Eye catching visuals for easy environment prep
  • Beautiful printable manipulatives 

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    Multisori’s Primary Math Curriculum includes:

    - “More or Less Than” activities and worksheets

    - Ordering by size puzzles

    - Size sorting cards and mats

    - Sensorial materials, such as number rods and cards printable and sandpaper numbers printable

    - Numeral cards and counters printable

    - Odd vs. even worksheets

    - Printable golden beads

    - Color coded numeral cards printable (1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s)

    - Color coded golden beads 

    - Color coded golden bead mat printable

    - Constructing quantity problem cards

     This math curriculum provides over 500 pages of full color educational materials!

    - Bank game poster

    - Colored bead stair & numerals printable

    - Colored bead stair color, cut & paste activity

    - Teen numeral cards printable

    - Recognizing & writing numbers 0-19 worksheets (print & cursive)

    - Bead bar three part cards, 0-19 (print, cursive & numeric)

    - 100 chain flags printable

    - Skip counting puzzles

    - Numerous hundred board printables and related activities

    - 1000 chain flags printable

    - Comparing inequalities printables and worksheets

    - Graphing activities and worksheets

    - Rounding posters, printables & worksheets (nearest 10, 100 & 1000)

    - Static addition worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Dynamic addition poster, worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Addition bingo printable

    - Addition of 2 & 3 addends worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Solving for missing addends worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Addition word problems

    - Static subtraction worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Dynamic subtraction poster, worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Subtraction bingo printable

    - Subtraction of two addends worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Solving for unknown addends subtraction worksheets & printable manipulatives

    - Subtraction word problems

    - Complete red Montessori fraction circles printable set

    - Complete red Montessori fraction circles with labels printable set

    - Fraction labels printable

    - Equivalent fractions printables

    - Fractions word problems

    - Analog clock poster

    - Time equivalencies poster

    - Time fractions poster

    - Learning to tell time clock cards

    - Learning to tell time clock template

    - Telling time worksheets

    - Time word problems

    - Play money printables

    - US denominations cards

    - US money equivalency puzzles

    - US money "How much does it cost?" cards

    - US money equivalency comparison cards & control charts

    - Money word problems

    - 2D shapes posters and three part cards

    - 2D shapes sorting cards

    - Shapes connect the dots printables

    - 3D shapes posters and three part cards

    - 3D shapes matching cards

    - Constructing shapes activity

    - Height, length, weight & volume measurement posters

    - Non-standard measurement worksheets

    - Standard measurement wall poster, worksheets & printable ruler

    - Defining & measuring perimeter wall poster & worksheets

    - Symmetry posters & worksheets