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Answering the call: we are eradicating the income achievement gap in education by making Montessori mainstream

We believe that every child has the right to high quality, customized education. But, in our world of pandemic and privilege, there is a growing income achievement gap between wealthy and non-wealthy children. In fact, it is nearly impossible for poor children to access outstanding educational resources.

The research on this issue is clear: the achievement gap related to wealth has been growing for decades, and the pandemic only made it worse. But, there is hope. In fact, Montessori education has been identified as an ideal solution.

Christ has called us to serve lower income homeschool families and made it our mission to eradicate the achievement gap in education between wealthy and non-wealthy children. We intend to to eliminate this income-based achievement gap via Multisori's Montessori homeschooling curriculum, 

M3Making Montessori Mainstream.

It's also why your purchase is important: when you buy a Multisori product, we give one away to a homeschooling family in need.

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