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Multisori is endorsed by AMS, NAMC & AIM Guides

At Multisori, we are both honored and proud to offer a Montessori curriculum that has earned the backing of professional Montessorians. Experts in their fields, these specialists possess nationally recognized certifications and years of experience in Montessori classrooms and homeschools. Each of the guides listed below has thoroughly and objectively reviewed our primary curriculum. Their personal endorsements speak volumes. Here's what professional Montessorians say about our primary Montessori homeschool curriculum, M3 by Multisori:

Emily Waller

American Montessori Society Certified Primary Guide

Emily Waller has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and is American Montessori Society Early Childhood certified. With 11 years of Montessori classroom experience and 3 years of homeschooling experience, she was a natural choice to review M3. After a thorough evaluation, Emily agrees - M3 by Multisori is the best Montessori Homeschool Curriculum on the market!

"As someone who has Montessori training and several years of experience, I have become adept at recognizing high quality Montessori lessons and materials; I can say with confidence that the M3 Curriculum is authentic and merit worthy. My very favorite things about the curriculum are the easy-to-follow rubrics, customizable nature of the lessons, and the high quality images. I would recommend M3 by Multisori curriculum without hesitation and have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating it into my own homeschool environment!"


Barbara Allen

American Montessori Society Certified Primary Guide

Barbara Allen has a B.S. in Elementary Education and Teaching from Texas A&M as well as her Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Dallas Baptist University. She has 11 years of classroom experience, the last four of which she's worked as a Montessori Guide teaching a diverse group of learners ranging from 3 to 6 years old. She provided an extensive review of M3 by Multisori and is ready to tell you just how incredible our Montessori Homeschool Curriculum truly is!

"After reviewing Multisori’s curriculum, I highly recommend it for homeschooling children. As a primary Montessori teacher in the public school system for the past decade, its scope and sequence is aligned to the curriculum a student would receive in any Montessori classroom, whether public or private. Multisori can be aligned to many curriculum standards across the world and gives you a way to offer Montessori education to your child at your own home. Multisori gives your child the opportunity to learn the curriculum of math, language, culture, sensorial and practical life just as they would in a Montessori classroom environment."

Janice Neave

North American Montessori Center Certified Lower Elementary Guide

Janice has her Lower Elementary Montessori certification from the North American Montessori Center and is currently working toward her Upper Elementary certificate. She has a background in Music Education as well as experience homeschooling her 10 year old twins.

"I wish something like this had been around when we started our Montessori homeschool journey! The amount of work and stress it takes to create a Montessori environment is not only daunting, but expensive! What I love about M3 is that it's an all-in-one printable curriculum! I love the ease of use in the presentations, the curriculum feels approachable and manageable even if you have no homeschooling or Montessori background. I feel confident that this curriculum would allow the parent to have confidence in themselves as the educator."

Salli McDonald

AIM Age of Montessori Certified Primary Guide

Salli has worked as a Montessori Primary Teacher for 4 years in Tennessee and homeschools her two young children. She completed her training through the AIM Age of Montessori program and received a Masters of Arts in Teaching while serving as a Montessori Guide for students ages 3-6.

"I love the M3 Curriculum! It does a great job connecting what's taught in a classroom with what you can teach at home. The Sensorial Curriculum is fantastic. I appreciate how Mandi outlines what can be done DIY so you don't have to invest a ton of money to use M3. I also love the games - Math Bingo is one of our favorites! I recommend M3 by Multisori for everyone, whether you're brand new to Montessori or have been doing it for years."

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