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    The Montessori method is a child-centered educational approach that views children as natural learners who are capable of initiating learning within a prepared environment. It values the development of the whole child: physical, emotional, cognitive, and social. M3 by Multisori's homeschooling curriculum provides a comprehensive, uncomplicated four-year-long curriculum. When you purchase the entire M3 by Multisori curriculum, you bring the full Montessori experience to your home for your 2-6-year-old child.

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    Montessori homeschool curriculum - girl in blue dress pointing to red and blue letter cards
    Complete Montessori Homeschooling Curriculum
    from $569.00 Regular price $711.00 Save $142
    Montessori tracing letters - M3 Montessori Homeschooling Language Arts Curriculum - Multisori: Montessori Inspired Homeschooling
    Montessori Homeschooling Language Arts Curriculum
    from $29.00
    young child tracing the number 3 on sandpaper numbers - Montessori math curriculum homeschool
    Montessori Homeschooling Mathematics Curriculum
    from $109.00
    Montessori homeschool unit studies - solar system curriculum - M3 Montessori Homeschooling Unit Studies - Multisori: Montessori Inspired Homeschooling
    Montessori Homeschooling Unit Studies
    from $49.00
    Montessori practical life skills - young child's hands scooping rice from one yellow cup into another cup
    Montessori Homeschooling Practical Life Curriculum
    from $69.00
    Montessori science curriculum - young child's hand pointing at a sea turtle worksheet
    Montessori Homeschooling Science Curriculum
    from $109.00
    Montessori Homeschool Art Curriculum
    from $89.00
    Young child in black shirt looking at Montessori continent map - Montessori science curriculum
    Montessori Homeschooling Geography Curriculum
    from $109.00
    M3 Montessori Homeschooling Sensorial Curriculum - Multisori: Montessori Inspired Homeschooling
    Montessori Homeschooling Sensorial Curriculum
    from $69.00

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