How to Choose the Right Homeschool Math Curriculum

How to Choose the Right Homeschool Math Curriculum

How to Choose the Right Homeschool Math Curriculum 

For many parents, choosing a homeschool math curriculum can be an overwhelming task. Math is unlike any other subject.

It requires conceptual thinking and lots of practice. You need a curriculum that focuses on problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

If math isn't your favorite subject to teach, it's even more important to choose a curriculum that works for your child's needs.

Are you looking for homeschooling math materials? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

What to Look For in a Homeschool Math Curriculum

If you learned math in a traditional school experience, you may think there's only one way to approach math concepts. But that's not the case.

There are numerous methods and curriculum models to choose from. Although they may cover many of the same concepts, the activities, depth, and pace of the lessons vary widely.

Here are a few curriculum questions to consider.

What Is the Difficulty Level?

Homeschooling math curriculums vary in their approach to learning math concepts. Some may introduce a concept earlier than others. Others may dive more or less deeply into math concepts.

It's important to know your child and understand their capabilities before choosing a curriculum.

How Teacher Intensive Is the Curriculum?

Consider your role in teaching the curriculum. Consider how much of your time is needed and whether you can provide it. 

You should not attempt to dive into teaching a lesson you don't fully understand. Think about the time you will need to prepare for lessons and whether you're able to fully invest in the curriculum

Are the Lessons Scripted? 

Some homeschool curriculums are scripted in great detail. Others simply provide a framework or outline for the teacher to use.

Consider whether you need a scripted math curriculum or prefer to prepare the lessons yourself.

What Does the Program Cost? 

Homeschool curriculums vary widely in price. The costs usually depend on the company and the number of resources they provide.

If you want a curriculum that includes all the materials and manipulatives you need to teach math concepts, that's available for a higher price. Consider your homeschool needs and which program fits your budget before making a decision.

Does It Fit Your Child's Needs?

No one knows what your child needs better than you. Some children thrive in a fast-paced, hands-on learning environment. 

Other kids need a calm, quiet environment to learn. Some thrive in a bright, colorful learning environment, while others find it distracting.

Keep your child's learning style and preferences in mind when choosing a math curriculum.

Types of Math Curriculum 

There are many types of math curricula to consider. Here are a few descriptors to note as you choose what's best for your child.

  • Short spiral programs tackle multiple math concepts at the same time 
  • Mastery-based programs focus on one topic at a time
  • Conceptual programs focus on the "why" of the problem
  • Procedural programs for concrete thinkers focus on "how" to do the math

Choosing the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum  

Choosing a homeschool math curriculum can be a daunting task. First, you should know that there are many different approaches to math.

The key is to find the right fit for your child's needs. Multisori offers high-quality Montessori math materials for homeschool families. 

Our Montessori primary math curriculum is self-contained, so you don't need any special products to use it. Ideas for a handful of useful and affordable products are made where appropriate, and DIY options abound. With Multisori's Montessori primary math materials, you’ll always have concrete, physically manipulable materials on hand to make math enjoyable, affordable and understandable for all.

A Montessori math curriculum is designed with a child-centered approach to math and problem-solving. Montessori math materials teach through hands-on methods to help children learn at their own pace.

While public schools push rigid concepts and steps every child must follow in the exact order and at the same pace the schools outline, Montessori math - like other Montessori subjects - is about self-directed, self-paced and multi-sensory learning. It fosters a love of learning and marks advancement based on the development of a child as a whole.

Montessori students universally perform above grade level in Mathematics. Perhaps this is because children learn using attractive materials that invite repetition and investigation.

We'd love to help you with your curriculum needs.

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