Why M3 by Multisori is the Best Montessori Homeschool Curriculum for Multiple Ages

Transitioning to or starting homeschooling can be overwhelming; choosing the right teaching method and curriculum can add to that stress. If you’re already interested in or convinced by the Montessori Method, finding a Montessori curriculum that works for your family is the next logical step, but oh my! What a huge undertaking.

Many Montessori curriculums assume that you have specialized,  expensive equipment or training. Others may not be authentically Montessori and fail to follow the traditional Montessori scope and sequence - or worse, fail to provide materials appropriate for all years within each of the Montessori age groups. No, there really is NO "kindergarten Montessori curriculum."

And there are other issues to watch out for, too, from failing to provide presentation instructions to failing to provide support. It can feel intimidating for sure.

So, how can you determine what the best Montessori homeschool curriculum is? First and foremost, you can learn what to look for in a Montessori curriculum. Once you understand those requirements, you will be ready to find the best Montessori Homeschool Curriculum for your family.

M3 by Multisori is designed to cut the confusion and reduce the number of barriers preventing you from setting up a successful Montessori homeschool. In particular, M3 is designed to be the best Montessori homeschool curriculum for multiple ages. And, that's not just because we understand that many homeschooling parents have children of varying ages. It's also because we understand that Montessori is designed and revolves around age ranges, not specific ages. Besides, from a practical perspective, what good is a homeschooling  curriculum if you need a separate one for each individual child?

Whether you’re totally new to Montessori homeschooling, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, M3 is designed to meet your family’s needs. Let’s take a look at what makes M3 work for Montessori families of all types.

M3 doesn’t require you to recreate a Montessori classroom

One of the obstacles many parents have when trying a homeschool Montessori curriculum is the feeling that they need to create a Montessori classroom. Your home is not a Montessori classroom - don’t try to turn it into one. Instead, focus on helping your child become independent by making their environment more accessible to them.

M3 provides the materials to provide constant engagement for your 2-6-year-old child, helping them develop appropriately from preschool through first grade. Our curriculum is designed to be used by homeschooling parents - not teachers or guides - and doesn’t require specific and/or pricey Montessori furniture or equipment.

In fact, we’re all about Montessori on a budget whenever possible and save for a few standard supplies, the curriculum is your one stop shop for everything you need, as you need it.

Our focus is hands-on, kinesthetic, Montessori-aligned learning in any home environment, and for a variety of ages. You don’t need expensive Montessori furniture to craft a beautifully prepared, comprehensive learning environment for your children. All you need is the right curriculum, complete with presentation instructions, manipulatives, simple record keeping supplies, and ongoing support - plus the willingness to let the child lead.

M3 by Multisori is a complete curriculum for ages 2.5 through 6

While there are many Montessori curriculums that are developed for one specific age at a time, this can actually be quite problematic for your little learners. Let’s say your child is reading at a kindergarten level, but doing math at a first grade level - a single year curriculum simply won’t work for them! That's one of the reasons that the best Montessori homeschool curriculum will also be an authentic one.

That’s why M3 is designed with the Montessori framework in mind, utilizing a multi-year focus. As such, you can easily integrate any learners within that age range into the program. Since the M3 Montessori homeschooling curriculum is easy to use, you’ll find the process of creating a multi-age learning environment to be relatively simple. The curriculum itself is divided into multiple subjects that cover the essentials of early childhood Montessori learning.

Multisori math curriculum

This foundational approach to math starts as early as age 2.5 with a hands-on approach to analytical thinking. In our Montessori math curriculum, we use a multisensory model to engage with young learners and help them learn to explore their environment. Your children will gain a deep understanding of the core concepts of math that will help them build a strong mathematical foundation upon which future lessons will build. By integrating movement-based, kinesthetic learning for small children, our Montessori approach ensures early success - and fun!

Sensorial Curriculum

A sensorial approach is critical to Montessori learning. This curriculum will guide you on how to provide that to your child without shelling out thousands of dollars on Montessori materials that may rarely be used in a home environment. Children engage through their senses first, so this sensorial curriculum helps harness that sensorial curiosity to spur a future desire to learn. This information and structure will also help your child develop the ability to sit and focus for extended periods of time. This quality - now called grit - has been shown to be one of the most reliable predictors of long term lifetime success!

Practical Life Curriculum

The Montessori Method focuses heavily on helping your child gain independence and self-confidence through the mastery of basic daily habits. The practical life curriculum helps your child strengthen their motor skills and develop foundational habits and abilities that will carry them through life. This unit also includes daily habits and responsibilities - such as helping with dishes in an age-appropriate way - that help them gain responsibility and feel like they’re helping. Ultimately, our pactical life exercises cover four main areas of development: homeschooling skills, care of environment, control of movement, and care of self.

Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

Language begins with sensory processing of concepts, and then adds recognition and sounds. Children learn language in a very logical, step-by-step natural way, and our language arts curriculum can help you integrate your child at their current level. The Multisori Language Arts curriculum is focused on creating confident, joyful readers and is appropriate for up to 9 year old students.

Montessori Geography Curriculum

The Multisori Geography Curriculum focuses on helping your child understand the world around them and how they fit into it. The learning here focuses on not just physical but also social geography.

The intersection of physical geography and cultural geography shows the child the interdependent nature of all people, and our responsibility both to each other and to our planet.

Montessori Science Curriculum

Using hands-on, fun activities, our Multisori approach to Montessori science will help your children develop a lifelong thirst for exploration and learning. Children are natural scientists, using their senses to explore the world, and Montessori is very nature-focused, helping them quench that natural thirst to learn. Everything from basic natural exploration to advanced scientific concepts is presented in a fun, engaging, Montessori-aligned manner. Over 12,000 happy homeschoolers have downloaded our Montessori science curriculum, so it’s safe to say it’s a fan favorite!

The M3 complete Montessori homeschool curriculum includes all of these individual curriculums, building a structure to help your child learn and grow. The interconnectedness of each subject area is highlighted best by viewing our close to 3,000 page complete curriculum as a whole. We have developed M3 by Multisori to be easy to use and functional for a multi-age classroom, making the homeschooling transition as easy as possible.

Multisori curriculums are uncomplicated and simple to use

The goal of our M3 complete curriculum is to give you all the tools you need to use the Montessori approach to teach your children within a multi-age classroom. The design of this curriculum can help you assemble materials for children of any primary age. Additionally, these materials will reduce the amount of prep time and work on your plate when determining how to teach your children.

The information comes directly to you in a simple PDF and you print the relevant materials when you want. We wanted M3 to work for busy parents who are new to homeschooling, and in particular, for those with mixed-age children. In fact, we even offer resources on starting Montessori with infants

Our curriculum is affordable

There’s a definite Montessori myth that it can be an expensive venture.

In addition to favoring simple homeschool composition and avoiding expensive Montessori furniture, supplies and manipulatives, M3 is designed to be affordable to anyone interested in Montessori homeschooling. In addition to providing a complete, multi-year curriculum for one low price, we also have a bustling scholarship program. For every Multisori product you purchase, we give one to a family in need. If you are interested in our scholarship program, you can apply here.

At Multisori, we truly believe in the vision of Maria Montessori and how this approach to education can change the lives of all children who participate in it. With that said, we recognize the widening gap in access to quality education and we hope that our scholarship program can help impact access for Montessori families in need.

Multisori is the best Montessori homeschool curriculum

Whether you’re totally new to teaching your kids, new to Montessori, or just overwhelmed with homeschooling in general, M3 can help. Our individual curriculums will fit seamlessly in your existing homeschooling routine, and our M3 complete curriculum will serve your little ones throughout PreK-3, PreK-4, kindergarten and first grade.

Our philosophy doesn’t focus on the expensive, prohibitive parts of a classroom Montessori experience - your home isn’t a professional classroom, so we don’t want those rigid expectations. Instead, we help you create an in-home, educational framework and provide materials to lighten the homeschooling load. In turn, both you and your child are free to engage and develop fully. In this way, your entire family can explore their prepared environment and come to love learning - without all of the stress.

Finally, we’ve designed this course to be not just accessible, but affordable. We have scholarships for families in need because we believe in the highest possible education being available to all families.

If you’re considering the M3 curriculum, you can download a free Montessori curriculum sample - and see for yourself why Multisori is the best Montessori Homeschool Curriculum available today. We look forward to meeting and working with your family!

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