Montessori Books to Celebrate Fall: Autumn Stories Kids Love

Children of all ages are sure to enjoy this list of Fall books for kids. Whether you’re a Montessori homeschooler, following Montessori at home, or simply looking for Montessori-aligned books, these are sure to be great additions to your home library. Plus, it’s fun to read autumn books for kids to help them learn about Fall and share in the beauty of this colorful and changing season. On nice days, don't miss the opportunity to take your books and read outdoors!

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What Can You See in Fall? 

What Can You See in Fall book for kids

This book by Sian Smith introduces new readers to Fall and all the things they can see in this season. It does a beautiful job taking children on a tour of all that one might see in Fall, including changes in the natural world and typical fall activities. I especially appreciate the beautiful, realistic photos used!

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I Love Fall!

I Love Fall book for kids

A touch-and-feel board book, I Love Fall by Alison Inches offers so many wonderful textures for little readers. From crunchy leaves and wooly scarves to smooth baskets and bright orange pumpkins, this book is perfect for small hands to learn more about Fall. This book offers a unique opportunity to expand your toddler's vocabulary during language sensitive period. As you read, compare and contrast the textures, using vocabulary building works like rough, rougher, roughest, soft, softer and softest.

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Baby Loves Fall!

Baby Loves Fall books for kids

A fun lift-the-flap book, Baby Loves Fall by Karen Katz is an absolute joy. Little ones will love lifting the flaps and exploring all that Fall has to offer. From yummy apple pies and crunchy acorns to fluffy hats and silly scarecrows, this book is a must-have for toddlers. I especially love added bonus of fine motor skill building offered by the flaps!

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Full of Fall

Full of Fall books for kids

Full of Fall by April Pulley Sayre has stunning photo illustrations that do a truly brilliant job showcasing the transformation that trees undergo in autumn. Not only does this book showcase the changing of the leaves, but it explains the science behind the process so even young children can begin to understand the “why” behind the seasonal changes. Remember that, even at young ages, your child can begin acquiring language for concepts not yet completely understood. This lays the groundwork for gaining a deeper understanding later in life more easily.

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Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn books for kids

With simple text and vivid photographs, Hello Autumn by Shelley Rotner shows children the changes in animals, plants, and landscapes that occur in Fall. It’s great for young readers and introduces a number of important concepts, including hibernation, seed dispersal, and migration. A fun activity to pair with the book is acting out the terms used. You and your children can hibernate and migrate right alongside the animals!

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Leaf Man

Leaf Man - a Fall book for kids

A autumnal classic, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert lends itself beautifully to children’s exploration of the world around them. Not only is it a captivating story, but there are activities included that encourage leaf gathering and identification. Of all the books on the list, this one might be my favorite as it lends itself perfectly to Montessori and multisensory activities! Besides the obvious activity of building their own leaf man, children can also collect, identify, sort and make art as simple, fun and educational accompaniments to this book.

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Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves - a book on Autumn for children

Fall Leaves by Loretta Holland is a true masterpiece. It’s an absolutely gorgeous picture book that’s great for young readers as it has simple, large print, but also wonderful for older readers as the small details and stunning imagery is truly captivating. Have your lower elementary aged child read this book to your primary aged child for a powerful bonding experience. 

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn books for kids

This book invites you to join a young girl as she takes a walk through her town and into the forest, greeting all the signs of the coming change that is Fall. Through a series of conversations with the flowers, wind, and creatures around her, she says good-bye to summer and welcomes Autumn. Pair this book with the Exploring the Seasons activities in the M3 Science curriculum for a well rounded and super fun experience.

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These favorite Fall-themed Montessori books will help children appreciate the beauty that is the autumn season. Reading fall-themed books is also a great way to spend some one-on-one time with your child, whether you’re reading to them, taking turns, or having them read to you. 

We hope you enjoy this Fall booklist for kids filled with our favorite fall books for kids. We’d love to know in the comments below - what’s your child’s favorite book to read about the changing seasons? 

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