Things You Didn't Know About Montessori Homeschooling

When it comes to the decision to homeschool your child, it’s probably not one you arrived at lightly. If you’re like most parents, you’ve spent countless hours researching how to homeschool and what sort of homeschooling you wish to follow.

While there are certainly many options at your disposal, Montessori Homeschooling is hopefully at the top of your list. That said, there may be some things about Montessori Homeschooling you still don’t know. Today let’s talk about some of the things about Montessori Homeschooling that may surprise you!

Homeschooling Your Child Sets Them Up for Lifelong Success

Montessori focuses on the child as a whole and works to ensure their development as cohesive, whole humans. Taking this approach with your child means recognizing them as individuals with feelings and thoughts just as important as anyone else’s. Doing so not only validates them but gives them a sense of responsibility and autonomy. Children who grow up with the Montessori Method are more confident, more emotionally intelligent, and tend to grow up to be better leaders.

Montessori Can Be Done on a Budget

While many modern Montessori schools come with a higher price tag, Montessori is and of itself not expensive. Yes, it’s also great to have Montessori inspired books, toys, furniture, etc. but don’t let the idea of not having all the “right” stuff stop you from exploring Montessori homeschooling! Montessori can absolutely be done on a budget.

Many Famous People Were Raised in Montessori

While these people may not have been Montessori homeschooled - probably because Multisori didn’t yet exist - they were all raised following the Montessori Method: 

  • Julia Child
  • George Clooney
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brinn, the founders of Google
  • Prince William and Prince Harry
  • Taylor Swift
  • Helen Hunt
  • Anne Frank
  • Chelsea Clinton

It’s fair to say Montessorians are passionate, creative, and dedicated to their dreams. They’re raised to work hard, develop grit, and focus on their goals. 

Montessori Homeschooling Is Secular

Some parents choose to homeschool because of religious beliefs, but Montessori Homeschooling is secular and does not involve religion in the general teachings. That said, there’s plenty of opportunity to include your religion as a part of your homeschool journey. That’s the beauty of the flexibility offered when you choose Montessori homeschooling!

You Don’t Have to Be An Expert

This is especially true if you’re utilizing M3 by Multisori. We follow the traditional Montessori Scope & Sequence, which ensures an authentic Montessori experience. It's designed to be totally uncomplicated and complete, so you can set the stage for simple, straight-forward homeschooling. You don’t have to be an expert in everything to guide and teach your child!

Homeschoolers face a unique set of circumstances and challenges that rarely mimic those of a classroom, so our products are designed with that in mind. Our products are designed for use by parents, not teachers.

Montessori Doesn’t Use Punishment

Montessori aims to model ideal behavior to children. Parents use kind words, respect, and positive discipline to show children how to take care of themselves and the world around them. If a child does something “wrong”, they are kindly reminded of the behavioral expectations set to them and the reasons behind these expectations. 

When your child regularly observes helpfulness, kindness, and patience from you, they then mimic that themselves. Instead of “don’t do that because I said so '' followed by punishment, Montessori homeschoolers are given intentional models of ideal behavior, and then gently reminded of them when they falter.

Montessori Homeschooling Isn’t Permanent

Your choice to Montessori homeschool doesn’t have to be forever! While I’m confident you’ll see the incredible benefits of it, sometimes homeschooling just doesn’t work out. That said, whether you switch your homeschooling style or return to traditional schooling, you may find your child is ahead of those around their same age! This is because Montessori Homeschooling is customizable to your child's interests and allows them to excel in ways you never dreamt possible.

Montessori Homeschooling Removes Socioeconomic Barriers

As a general rule, homeschooling breaks down socioeconomic barriers and allows all children equal access to quality education. While there is a misconception that Montessori is only for the very rich, this simply isn’t true when it comes to Montessori homeschooling. In fact, here at Multisori, we even offer a scholarship program for homeschool families in need. We aim to see every child possible reap the benefits of Montessori.

You’re Not Alone

Now that you’ve found Multisori, you can trust you’re never alone in your Montessori homeschool journey. Not only do we have countless opportunities to seek out information here on our website, but we also offer a private Facebook group. Within this group, we provide a supportive tribe of like-minded homeschoolers from all over the world.

Whether you have questions about Montessori homeschooling or are ready to dive right in (maybe you already have!) I hope to see you in the Facebook group and that this article has provided some fresh insight into things you may not have previously known about Montessori homeschooling.

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