How to Save Time and End Frustration in Your Montessori Homeschool

I am Mehtaab, mother of three children. I have one pair of five-year-old twins and my youngest is three years old. I love using Multisori's Montessori homeschooling curriculum with all 3 of them because and I can do it simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed! This Montessori homeschool curriculum has saved me so much time during prepping and has also saved our family from unnecessary extra expenses.

Finding the Right Montessori Curriculum

Before I used M3 by Multisori, it took me hours of research and searching to find what I needed for our homeschool. When I finally found something relevant, there was never just a single source that provided everything I needed. The information would always come from a variety of different locations such as websites, books, blogs and so on.

After finally finding the Montessori activities I wanted to do with my children, I still had to consolidate, print from different locations without getting confused, remove duplicative information and resources, laminate, and cut. And, I wasn’t done yet because I now had to hunt for the physical materials I would be needing for the lessons. Of course, once ordered, I would have to wait for those to arrive. I usually spent the waiting time researching how to present all of the materials. Honestly, Montessori presentation instructions weren’t easy for me, a non-Montessori trained mom, to understand. And, I don't even want to talk about trying to make sense of the entire Montessori scope and sequence! Before M3 by Multisori, the process of preparing myself and preparing the environment in a Montessori way was time consuming, frustrating and - quite frankly - disheartening.

When I found M3 by Multisori, it answered my prayers! Everything that I needed for EVERY lesson was right there, all in one place, and in the right order. The instructions were right there too, along with pictures, step by step instructions that I could actually understand, and even scripts of exactly how to prepare and present materials! Any posters, pictures, books, manipulatives - all the materials needed for the lesson - were in there too. And, if I wanted to splurge on a special Montessori manipulative or fine motor tool, suggestions for traditional Montessori materials as well as options for equally effective, but lower priced alternatives were there, too!

I no longer have to do extensive research or searching to find what I need for my children. The prepping is easy. All I need to do is find what we will be learning the next day, print, laminate, cut and voila! Its ready to be set up on the shelf for the next day’s lesson. I like to prepare one day at a time so that I am always using the curriculum to follow my child. But, for the days I am being extra ambitious, I can prep ahead of time and be prepared for a whole week at once. This flexibility makes life – and homeschooling - less overwhelming.

Using M3 by Multisori also works especially well for our family because I have children who are of different ages and at different levels. All I need to do is use the hyperlinked contents page (which follows the standard Montessori scope and sequence!), to navigate to different parts of the curriculum, then select what I want and print.

Multisori offers a gentle, peaceful Montessori curriculum for 2 year olds and then blossoms into a complete Montessori primary curriculum for ages 3-6. So, your 2 year old can be building their fine motor skills and ability to focus using age-appropriate practical life activities while your older children can be doing real experiments using the scientific method using the science curriculum. The layout of the curriculum is simple and makes it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Not only is this Montessori homeschooling curriculum easy to use, it also saves us a lot in terms of costs. I really thought I was going to need all of the expensive Montessori manipulatives for a while, but Multisori has taught me that that just isn't true.

At first glance, the Multisori price tag can seem high, but after a lot of research, I discovered that it’s less expensive and more authentic that any other Montessori curriculum out there! This is because it has everything you will need for your children from ages 2.5 to 6. Literally EVERYTHING. Buy it once and you can use for over 4 years. I honestly think we will continue to use many parts of it in our lower elementary beginnings as well.

With Multisori, you don’t have to buy a new curriculum every year or search for printables every month. It is especially beneficial if you have more than one child, because you do not need more than one resource for them. You don’t have to get more than one curriculum or even more than one printable! I absolutely love M3 by Multisori, and my children look forward to authentic Montessori learning time with a mum who is no longer overwhelmed or frustrated.

Mehtaab Ismail-Raza Montessori homeschools her 3 small children using Multisori's complete, uncomplicated primary curriculum. She lives in California, USA with her beautiful family and wants to share how she saves time, eliminates frustration and creates joy in her homeschool. You can connect with her on Facebook.

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