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    Unit studies are a fun and exciting way to get started with Montessori at home! M3 unit studies make your homeschool fun while allowing you to follow your child. They are self-contained, so you don't need any other products to use them. M3 unit studies allow you to cater to your child's sensitive periods and interests, quit the overwhelm and make your homeschool irresistible. 

    Multisori currently offers one unit study: Exploring Our Solar System.

    It provides over 130 pages of full color educational materials, including:

    - Supply list

    - Hyperlinked customizing based on sensitive period

    - Hyperlinked customizing based on interest

    - Easy to understand presentation instructions for each activity

    - Eye catching visuals for easy environment prep

    - Three fun facts for kids posters

    - Three printable mini books

    - Multiple music and art activities

    - Planetary orbit wheel

    - Planets of the solar system three part cards

    - Solar system counting to 10 three part cards

    - Same vs different activity

    - Planet patterns activity

    - Planets of the solar system sequencing activity

    - Planets handwriting & sequencing words activity

    - Cutting skills activity

    - Two write the room kinesthetic learning activities

    - Phases of the moon three part cards

    - Counting and skip counting puzzles

    - Understanding revolution, rotation & moon phases worksheets

    - Long vowel sound "oo" as in moon phonogram reading & writing

    - Printable, moveable alphabets in print & cursive

    - Solar system bingo

    - My favorite planet writing & art prompt

    Multisori's homeschool Solar System Unit Study is available in two formats:

    1. Multisori Digital: Immediately delivers the unit study to your e-mail address as a PDF file

    2. Multisori Premium: Includes Multisori Digital AND, in 3-4 weeks, delivers  a professionally printed, perforated and bound volume to your doorstep.

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