Montessori Inspired Easter Basket Ideas

Spring time is honestly one of my favorite times of year - signs of new life growing, warmer weather on its way, and more time to learn outside! And with Spring on its way, it’s of course time to also think about Easter.

Montessori Inspired Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is a fun time to add to your Spring toy collection by way of Easter baskets. And fortunately there are plenty of Montessori-inspired options to add to those baskets!

Whether you have a baby, toddler, preschooler, or even slightly older, we’ve got some great Easter basket suggestions for your Montessori child.

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Easter Baskets for Babies

For babies, it’s always best to keep it simple. You don’t want to start a clutter-collection and if this is your first baby, take it from me - toys can take over quickly. Keep their Easter baskets sensible, a couple of toys, a book or two, and maybe a small treat if age appropriate.

CrinkleTeeth Sensory Toy

Montessori black and white striped crinkle teething toy

This teether is sure to be an absolute hit with your Montessori infant. The beautiful contrast of white and black will capture their attention, while the “crinkle-crunch” sound is sure to delight their tiny ears. It’s an absolutely perfect size for little hands and I really love how wonderfully it supports sensory play.

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Wooden Rattle/Teether

wooden teether for babies

This wooden rattle is another teether I very much recommend for your little one. Similar to the crinkle teether mentioned above, it’s great for sensory stimulation as your baby shakes it around, chews on it, and enjoys the smooth texture. This natural wood rattle helps improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and makes for a great teether. 

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Infantino Textured Multi-Ball Set


Sensory balls for Montessori baby easter basket


These balls are easy to grab and the different textures are sure to thrill your baby. They’re also very easy to clean, which is of course always a bonus! This ball set is a great way to encourage your baby to explore and will also help with sensorial development.

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 Mama and Baby indestructibles bookCreep Crawl Indestructibles BookFlutter Fly Indestructibles Book

Indestructibles are amazing books for babies! If you plan to include books in your baby’s Easter Basket, I highly recommend you start with these. They’re chew proof, rip proof, nontoxic, and washable - seriously, you can throw them in your dishwasher. 

Flutter! Fly! is a great book for Easter as you look toward celebrating Spring time. It’s a great book to introduce some of the flying friends you might see outside.

Creep! Crawl! is another great book to begin showing your baby what s/he might see crawling around outside. From ladybugs and grasshoppers to snails and worms, it’s a truly beautiful book.

I also really enjoy Mama and Baby! It’s a sweet book to read while snuggling your baby and yet another beautiful reminder of the new life arriving as the days grow warmer.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

When it comes to filling your toddler’s Easter basket, there are certainly quite a few more options available. What works for a 2 year old, though, doesn’t necessarily work for a 4 year old, so as with anything Montessori, follow your child’s lead and choose products that will pique your child’s curiosity.

Old School Percussion Set

Montessori music instruments

How cute is this old school percussion set! I love that there’s a wide variety of instruments included. And did you know that music has been proven to highly contribute to a child’s creativity, concentration, intelligence, and overall development? While your toddler enjoys any one of the many instruments included, they’ll also be working on their hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and motor skills development.


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Sand & Water Fine Motor Set

This sand and water 4-piece set is perfect for use in sensory bins and is just the right size for toddlers’ hands. It’s a great set to have on hand for little kids as they work on building their fine motor skills and hand strength all while having fun.

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Planting a Rainbow

Planting a Rainbow board book

Planting a Rainbow is a beautiful board book that’s just perfect for Spring. The story is of a mother and daughter working in their backyard - planting seeds and nurturing them as they grow. It’s a wonderful book to introduce your child to the colors of the rainbow and perhaps even plant the seed of starting their own garden some day!

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Spring: A Pop-Up Book

Spring pop up book
Pop up book for Easter

What child doesn’t love a pop-up book! This book introduces common springtime flora and fauna to your child with simple text and beautifully illustrated pictures.

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Easter Baskets for Preschoolers

By this age, you can look to choosing products that are far more practical and may last for years to come. It’s also fun to choose items that they can enjoy outside, as they’re getting to an age where independent play outdoors is becoming a bigger part of their day.

Butterfly Coloring Activity set

Butterfly art kit

Let your preschooler make his/her own butterfly! This activity allows your little one to color butterflies and clip them onto the center body piece. This 13-piece set helps your preschooler develop fine motor skills while encouraging creativity and imagination. I also really love that the packaging is environmentally friendly and the toy component is quite durable. 

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Hydroponics Set

kid hydroponics set

This set is a sure fire way to spark your preschooler’s interest in growing their own plants. Since there’s no soil, the clear tubes within the set allow you to view the entire plant, roots to leaves, throughout the entire growth process. A simple set-up that’s a great fit for Montessori Science fun. 

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GeoSafari Jr. Microscope

Kids first microscope

The perfect first microscope for kids! Your preschooler will love just how many things they can examine up close. The kid-sized knobs make it such that it’s easy for kids to use and it features 8x magnification. Include this one in their Easter basket and watch as they enjoy it for years to come.

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 Bird Bingo

bird bingo
Bird Bingo is truly fun for the whole family. A twist on the traditional game, Bird Bingo will help your little one learn the names and colorings of 64 different birds. With 12 cards included, it’s a wonderful game to break out on Easter as so many can join in on the fun.
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Match a Track

Match a Track game

Not only is Match a Track fun, but matching games are a great way to begin building introductory math skills. There’s also two different ways you can play this game - either as a traditional matching game (cards face down) or start with them face up and take turns matching a print to its owner.


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The Tiny Seed


The Tiny Seed

From the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar comes The Tiny Seed - a beautifully illustrated book about perseverance. It’s also a really great book to prepare your child for their first gardening experience and introduce them to the life cycle of flowers.

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Easter Baskets for 6-9 Year Olds

When it comes to slightly older children, I really like to find Easter basket fillers that they can enjoy completely on their own. That said, the following Montessori-inspired products are also really great for family fun, if so desired!

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder for Montessori

Visually stimulating and a great way to teach cause/effect, Jacob’s Ladder is another Easter basket gift that the whole family will have fun with. It’s wonderfully simple and yet incredibly mesmerizing! 

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Butterfly Garden Butterfly kit for butterfly life cycle study

I wouldn’t say that a butterfly garden is a must have in a Montessori home, but it sure comes close. It really is such an incredible way to study the butterfly life cycle! I really enjoy that this set comes 5 baby caterpillars and all the food they need to grow into Painted Lady butterflies. Plus the mesh habitat is reusable, so you can keep ordering caterpillars year-after-year and watch as your new pollinator friends grow.

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Sprout & Grow Window Plant Growing Kit

Growing kit

Similar to the hydroponics set mentioned above, this growing kit is great to inspire your child’s curiosity and wonder as they watch plants grow. What I especially love about this kit, though, is that it does use soil - but the window set-up means you can actually see what’s happening “under ground”! It’s a self-standing planter that includes everything you need for observing plant growth - seeds, soil, and all.


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Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium
Glow in the dark terrarium

Another fantastic Easter basket stuffer that will allow your child to explore the wonder of nature and science. A perfect indoor activity that allows kids to craft, plant, water, and grow their own mini ecosystem. As an extra fun bonus, it includes translucent glow-in-the-dark star and constellation stickers! 

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Outdoor Exploration Kit

Outdoor exploration kit

Ready to take things outside? This outdoor exploration kit is perfect for your little adventurer. I can almost guarantee this set will be a “must bring” on every nature walk you go on from here on out. Luckily it all comes in a lightweight, easy-to-carry backpack! There’s endless possibilities of exploration and fun with this set.

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Jump Rope
Green jump rope with wooden handles

Specifically designed for young jumpers, this jump rope is beautifully made. With real rope and smooth wooden handles, it’s easy to adjust and sure to hold up well. A perfect addition to your child’s Easter Basket and one that they’re sure to use well into summer.

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The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit

An absolute classic, The Velveteen Rabbit is sure to add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your child’s Easter Basket. It’s a story that has held a special place in the hearts of children for generations and one that yours will surely pass down. 

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No matter how you observe Easter in your family, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate new beginnings and time well spent with loved ones. I hope this post has inspired you to create an Easter basket for your child that will inspire a love of learning for years to come.

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