Homeschooling with Multisori - An M3 Review

If you’re on the hunt for a Multisori review, particularly as it relates to our Montessori homeschool curriculum, look no further than what Canikah Woods has shared with us today! 

Homeschooling with Multisori

I discovered Multisori when most parents had to decide to homeschool or do school virtually through public school. Any first-time homeschooler can tell you that there are an overwhelming number of curriculums, websites, groups, and learning styles to choose from. There are also an overwhelming number of different opinions on the best way to homeschool or the best curriculums to use.

Now that I'm a little more experienced, my favorite part about homeschooling is researching and finding amazing resources in hard-to-find places. And, that's just what happened when I found Multisori. 

Montessori homeschool reading curriculum

Finding the Best Homeschool Curriculum

I initially got caught up in trying the “best” reading or math curriculum and realized that just because something works for everyone else doesn’t mean it’s going to work for us. I steered away from the mainstream curriculums and looked for ones that closely matched my educational goals.

Choosing Montessori

Before the pandemic when my son was younger and I was searching for daycare for him, I was particularly drawn to Montessori schools. I felt that my son learned best with the hands-on materials and independent work style. I was also attracted to the idea of child-led learning and the way that Montessori discipline works.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Montessori school that worked for us but when homeschooling became our new educational path, new doors were opened.

I began to research how to homeschool Montessori style and quickly realized it wasn’t a cheap endeavor. But I knew Montessori on a budget was possible!

Montessori Homeschooling

I wanted my son to have the best homeschool experience and I wanted our loft to look like the Montessori schools I had toured. I failed to realize that these materials are usually made of solid, real wood and it would cost thousands of dollars to accomplish my goal. I then began to research how people homeschool Montessori style and I joined a Facebook group full of Montessori homeschoolers.

Montessori Homeschooling Community

The group I found was run by Mandi, a mom preparing to release a Montessori-inspired curriculum for ages 3-6. The group in general was very helpful and was a great help to the start of our homeschool journey. I love the feeling of finding something that will work perfectly for homeschool and being right about it!

Choosing a Montessori Homeschool Curriculum

Over time, Mandi released curriculum samples and eventually the curriculum was released. One of the best parts of the curriculum is that it is very cost-effective and offers parents the opportunity to implement the Montessori learning style in a simple yet effective way.

M3 Language Arts Curriculum

My son had some preschool education so I wanted to focus on math and reading, and these sections of the M3 by Multisori curriculum quickly became our favorites. With the M3 Montessori Language Arts curriculum, my son loved that the lessons were short, hands-on, and had beautiful colorful pictures. I appreciated the different levels and the reading cards that provided a practice opportunity.

If at any time I felt stuck or that I needed some new ideas to implement the curriculum, I could always check out the Multisori Facebook group. I was so impressed to find that Mandi personally helps anyone who asks at no extra charge!

Montessori homeschool curriculum - geography

Finding Homeschool Support

Mandi continually posts new ideas, resources and info to help us in our homeschooling journey. Once, she posted an awesome idea of putting the reading program words on small pieces of paper and putting them in plastic eggs. The parent would hide the eggs and the children would go on a treasure hunt to find the words. This idea worked great for my child and really helped when he began to crave a change in his routine. It helped us to get back into the groove of things quickly.

Mandi also shared affordable storage options for the reading program, which really helped my budget. Ultimately, even though reading isn't my son's favorite subject, the M3 reading curriculum gave him confidence and helped him make great progress.

M3 by Multisori Math Curriculum

My son does love math and it seems to come naturally to him. The math materials in traditional Montessori schools have proven to be very effective but again very expensive.

 I love that Mandi was able to cut the cost considerably by creating printable materials for the M3 Montessori Math Curriculum. I did invest in the golden beads and some bead stairs just because the benefit comes from being able to feel the beads and count them. This is optional and all the other materials we used were from the M3 curriculum.

Again, my son loved that the lessons were hands-on and math especially always felt like we were playing a game. I particularly enjoyed seeing him grasp the concepts quickly and that everything was laid out clearly, making it easy for me to present.

Montessori golden beads - homeschool math curriculum

Homeschooling Made Easy

A lot of homeschool curriculums come with a huge “teacher guide” that requires the parent to do a lot of reading and prepping and as a single mom, these were not helpful for us. The only prep work I had to do for M3 was to print, cut, and sometimes laminate. For the most part, I would print on cardstock so I only had to laminate things that would be used more than once. Because the curriculum is so comprehensive, I printed a few lessons at a time so it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

I can’t express how grateful I am to have found Multisori, especially during such uncertain and stressful times. Check out the curriculum and join the Facebook group for support today!

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