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Open-and-go Montessori Homeschooling Curricula is Finally Here!

Montessori kids become capable, accountable, knowledgeable adults who thrive in the real world. We all want that for our children. But, what about Montessori for parents? Unfortunately, Montessori has always been a harder, more time-consuming option for homeschoolers.

Until now.

Introducing… Multisori Premium!

Multisori Premium combines our authentic, uncomplicated approach to Montessori homeschool curriculum with unmatched efficiency, service and convenience. It transforms our digital curriculum into beautifully printed, perforated and bound volumes, delivered right to your door. Multisori Premium eliminates the hassle of printing, organizing and storing all those digital pages. Here’s why you should consider investing in Earth's first open-and-go Montessori homeschooling curriculum:

***Current Delivery Timelines are 3-4 Weeks from Date of Order***

 No More Printing

Shelving Montessori Curricula

  • Printed and bound volumes are delivered to your doorstep
  • No need for messy ink, bulky copy paper or printing
  • No print errors
  • No need to organize all those pages of curricula

Exceptional Service

Excellent Service

  • Free shipping
  • Quick turnaround
  • Ongoing support
  • Both hard and digital copies included in your purchase

Outstanding Quality

 Outstanding Quality

  • Premium bound books
  • Custom spines
  • 28 lb. paper is thicker & more durable than standard 20 lb. copy paper
  • Full-color pages (fully saturated, exquisite hues, no stray markings)

Single-Sided Pages

Single-sided Pages

  • Content is printed exclusively on one side of each page
  • Ideal for manipulatives that can’t be used in double-sided format

Perforated Pages

Perforated Pages

  • Don’t worry about hole-punched pages
  • No difficulty removing pages
  • Easy to tear out pages with a single motion
  • Conveniently keep the full printed curriculum on file
  • Ideal for reporting to the state and homeschooling siblings

Authentic Montessori Experience

Authentic Montessori Experience

  • Follows the standard Montessori scope and sequence
  • Facilitates creation of a beautifully prepared environment
  • Instructs in proper Montessori lesson presentation
  • Encourages self-directed learning
  • Emphasizes independence
  • Easily tailored to each child
  • Facilitates multi-age studies

Multisori understands that you face unique challenges as a Montessori homeschooler. And, our goal is to exceed your expectations, now and always. That’s why we’ve created Earth’s first open-and-go Montessori homeschool curriculum. SHOP NOW!

***Current Delivery Timelines are 3-4 Weeks from Date of Order***
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  • Four Years of Curriculum
  • Montessori Scope & Sequence
  • Simple Presentation Instructions
  • 2D Manipulatives Included
  • Easy Record Keeping
  • Ongoing Support

Look Inside our montessori science curriculum:

What Is The Montessori Primary Sensorial Curriculum?

Searching for a multi-sensory homeschool curriculum? Look no further! Montessori is the original whole-brain learning methodology. The pedagogy has valued teaching concepts by involving multiple areas in the brain and engaging all of the senses for over a century.

In fact, the primary Sensorial curriculum is a truly unique component of the Montessori method because it trains kids to view the world with an analytical mindset and to explore using all of their senses. Through the use of focused multi-sensory learning activities, this refinement of a child’s senses helps them learn to focus for long periods of time, a quality which we now call "grit." Modern research tells us that a child’s ability to develop grit is the single most reliable predictor of success in life. 


young child reaching out to touch the bark of a tree with text overlay in white box quoting Maria Montessori - "The senses, being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge. Our apparatus for educating the senses offers the child a key to guide his explorations of the world, they cast a light upon it which makes visible to him more things in greater detail than he could see in the dark, or uneducated state."

What To Keep In Mind When Using Montessori Sensorial Activities?

According to Montessori philosophy, sensorial impressions actually begin at birth (and possibly sooner!) A child’s first few years of life are the most important years for development as a whole. These Montessori sensorial materials were designed to develop and refine a child’s senses. Through this multi-sensory curriculum, a child learns to become aware of details and is provided materials to learn to discriminate and appreciate said details.

With the introduction of Montessori sensorial materials, children develop their:

  • visual sense through careful discrimination based on qualities such as height and width
  • tactile sense through the introduction of concepts such as rough and smooth
  • olfactory sense by completing such activities as literally stopping to smell the roses on a nature walk
  • gustatory sense when helping with food preparation and tasting to see if the right amount of spices has been added
  • auditory sense through incorporating music and songs into daily life

Overview of the Montessori Primary Sensorial Program

M3 by Multisori's Sensorial curriculum is self-contained, so you don't need any special Montessori materials or products to use it. Ideas for a handful of useful and affordable products are made where appropriate, and DIY options abound. This program grows as a child develops through the primary years, perfect for ages 3-6.

Young children thrive with hands-on, movement based learning that stimulates all of the senses. That's just one reason why Multisori's Montessori homeschooling curriculum allows you to quit the overwhelm, embark on a joyful journey with Montessori at home, easily create a Montessori way of learning and set the stage for a lifetime of success.

Multisori's Montessori homeschool curriculum is available in two formats:

1. Multisori Digital: Immediately delivers curriculum to your e-mail address as a PDF file

2. Multisori Premium: Includes Multisori Digital AND, in 3-4 weeks, delivers professionally printed, perforated and bound curriculum volumes to your doorstep.

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    Like all M3 products, this Montessori primary sensorial curriculum includes: 

          - Sensorial materials supply list and instructions for preparing the learning environment
         - Hyperlinked curriculum rubric (simplified scope & sequence)
         - Straight forward assessment rubric for record keeping
         - Easy to understand presentation instructions for each activity
         - Eye catching visuals for easy environment prep

    It also provides over 100 pages of full color educational materials, including:

    - My 5 Senses mini book

    - Activities for incorporating music into your daily routine

    - Various sets of sorting cards for visual discrimination activities

    - DIY color box 1, 2 and 3 printables

    - Three sets of matching cards

    - Shape connect the dots printables

    - 2D and 3D shapes three part cards, great as they progress toward more mathematical concepts

    - Constructing shapes activity

    - Various linear pattern activities (AB, ABA & ABC)

    - Basic mystery bag activities

    - Extension mystery bag activities