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The Montessori method is a child-centered educational approach that views children as natural learners who are capable of initiating learning within a prepared environment. It values the child’s development as a whole: physical, emotional, cognitive skills, and social skills. As such, it values kinesthetic, hands-on, active learning. This multi-sensory approach to education is highly effective - and a lot of fun!

If you're new to Montessori, or just getting started with Montessori at home, it's important to remember that your homeschool environment is not a toddler classroom, so don’t try to recreate Montessori school at home. Whether your home learning environment is just beginning or you’re ready to add on to your homeschool routine, Multisori's Montessori homeschooling curriculum will reduce your workload and increase the joy in your Montessori homeschool program.

How Does This Work in Practice? Here’s a Sample:

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    M3 by Multisori's complete Montessori homeschooling curriculum provides a comprehensive, uncomplicated four-year-long curriculum full of multi-sensory, kinesthetic and hands-on fun. When you purchase the entire M3 by Multisori curriculum, you bring a full Montessori environment to your home for your 2-6 year old child: prek-3, prek-4, kindergarten and first grade. Plus, you receive a 20% discount off the cost of each individual subject area!

    Montessori Products Included in This Bundle:

    • Multisori Math Curriculum (Ages 2-6) Our Montessori math curriculum:
      • Instills a deep understanding of mathematics through a multi-sensory approach
      • Begins with the basics for toddlers as young as 2 years old, establishing foundational concepts for young children
      • Offers hands on, kinethetic learning activities up through the age of 6
    • Multisori Sensorial Curriculum (Ages 3-6)  Our Montessori sensorial curriculum:
      • Trains children to view the world with an analytical mindset
      • Teaches grit - the ability to focus for long periods of time
      • Includes fun Montessori activities such as the use of mystery bags and ways to incorporate simple songs into your daily routine
    • Multisori Practical Life Curriculum (Ages 2-6) Many parents know practical life skills to be essential to a successful Montessori curriculum. Especially when you are beginning Montessori at home, you will rely heavily on practical life activities to support your child's emerging development. Our Montessori practical life curriculum:
      • Begins the process of developing motor skills and foundational practical life skills critical to lifetime success
      • Includes daily routine cards so that children, even toddlers, begin to help with things such as washing dishes, their own self care, food preparation, and other real world activities
    • Multisori Language Arts Curriculum (Ages 2-9) Our Montessori Language Arts curriculum:
      • Builds on language skills to create confident, joyful readers
      • Is broken into 3 parts so you can customize the learning activities depending on the age and stage of your child, from toddler to 9 years of age
    • Multisori Geography Curriculum (Ages 3-6) Our Montessori geography curriculum:
      • Helps children learn their place in the cosmos, instilling the idea of growing up to build a more peaceful world
      • Focuses on both physical and cultural geography
    • Multisori Science Curriculum (Ages 3-6) Our Montessori science curriculum:
      • Encourages the development of cognitive skills and prepares children for a lifetime of learning and discovery
      • Introduces young children to advanced scientific topics using fun, multi-sensory Montessori activities

    All Multisori products except Science are self-contained, meaning that you do not need to purchase additional products to use the curriculum successfully. Throughout the entire primary curriculum, ideas for a handful of especially useful and affordable product purchases are made where appropriate, and DIY options abound.

    From practical life activities and developing fine motor skills to foundational concepts in all key learning areas, M3 is easy to follow and will have your child engaged, excited, and eager to get to work.

    It's no surprise to most parents that young children thrive with hands-on, movement based learning that stimulates all of the senses. That's just one reason why Multisori's Montessori homeschooling curriculum allows you to quit the overwhelm, embark on a joyful journey with Montessori at home, easily create a Montessori way of learning and set the stage for success for a lifetime of success.

    M3 by Multisori's curriculum is delivered to you via e-mail as PDF files and must be printed before use.

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    Courtney P.
    United States

    Love it!

    I’m a busy mom of 3 and needed something all inclusive and ready to go to help me teach my kids at home. I just started with my almost 3 year old and he is picking up things so quickly and loves to do his work. I’ll definitely be using this curriculum with my other 2 children when they are older!

    Erica H.
    United States United States

    Early days but we are loving it so far!

    Magen F.
    United States United States

    Scholarship receiver

    We received this curriculum with their amazing scholarship program. We are only a few days in and focusing on things slowly with our little. She’s showing huge interest in the activities I prepare and having it all laid out for me has been a life changer for us. Thank you so much for the wonderful, thoughtful program!

    Lindsay B.
    United States United States


    Loving multisori and it’s step by step intro - it’s easy to follow and my three year old is thriving!

    Nichole A.
    United States United States

    Organized and easy to follow

    We have had this curriculum for a few weeks now, and have already loved what we have used so far. I love that it is very organized and easy to follow. I can print and prepare the material as we need it so it is not overwhelming. Printing laminating, cutting and preparing the shelves for my kids for the week goes pretty quickly. The material is engaging for my children, and they have really enjoyed everything so far. As with Montessori, you present the materials and guide them and they will tend to gravity to the materials naturally. Overall, the curriculum has made my life easier with quicker prep time, and less stress than trying to pull together resources on my own from multiple places. As for the content itself, I have been impressed with the quality, and the fact that I can see that mastery of a skill can be achieved before moving on to the next step. As a 7 year homeschool mom (one child homeschooled grades 5 to 12, and now homeschooling 2 litte ones), I highly recommend this curriculum.